Improving Your Talent Decisions 

In every company of every size, the demands on Human Capital Management are intensifying. More transactions need to be completed at lower cost and, at the same time, HR processes have become increasingly complex to manage. Human capital management has become more and more important as senior executives talk about the need for “talent.” At the same time, however, few companies have come as far as they would have hoped to come.

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Lending a Helping Hand–Jamaican in India

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[From “The Hindu” India’s National Newspaper] 

Lending a helping hand

Dennis Marcus Mathew

ALAPPUZHA: The Indian cricket team’s Caribbean sojourn might have gone awry, but in the faraway Valavanadu of Alappuzha district, a kind gesture by a man from the scenic islands is promising to make life a lot better for one woman and her small coir industry.

Pushpalatha, who runs a small-scale coir product manufacturing unit at Kunnathuchirayil here, is now beaming ear to ear with gratitude to Courtney Lodge, chief executive officer of the Caribbean Confederation of Credit Unions. Mr. Lodge, who visited her `factory’ – Pushpalatha Coir Works – on Wednesday, was impressed with the work she was doing and more so, due to the fact that she was ensuring a stable income to four others as well. However, when he came to know that profits remained a dream for the 10-year-old enterprise owing to the loans that kept the business afloat, he did not hesitate. He immediately handed over a cheque for $200.

There was only one condition. “Send me the receipt once you repay your loans with this sum. And make sure that you make some profits soon.” Mr. Lodge, a delegate of the Sixth Commonwealth-India Small Business Competitiveness Development Programme that visited several small-scale industries and public sector units in the district on Wednesday, was moved when Ms. Pushpalatha told him how the repayment of the loan, though a mere Rs.200 per month, was hampering her plans to buy more raw material and increase production of fibre mats and other coir products.

Talking to The Hindu later, Ms. Pushpalatha said she had set up her mini-industry with the help of a loan from the District Cooperative Bank. Though that loan was repaid long back, the increasing prices of raw material and a not-so-encouraging market forced her to go in for another Rs.10,000 loan, this time from the local neighbourhood group (Ayalkootam).

“If the burden of the loan were not there, I could divert our revenue for purchase of more materials and in turn increase production. This $200 will help me in doing that to a large extent,” she said.

Strategic Corporate Interventions Ltd.

Strategic Corporate Interventions (SCI) Limited

Strategic Interventions…Corporate Success

About SCI

Strategic Corporate Interventions (SCI) Limited is a management consulting firm that provides customized, comprehensive and transformational guidance that result in organizational success.  Drawing on its team members’ experience in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Wider Caribbean, SCI identifies, simplifies and resolves complex strategic concerns for Board Directors and/or Senior Executives.  Staff members, customers and other stakeholders also benefit directly from SCI’s unique approach to the creation of integrated and superior organizational architecture and functionality. 

New, emerging and established businesses reap the succulent rewards of world-class success by employing timely and significant strategic interventions. 

New and emerging entities that desire to design and build a business that will maximize its potential and realize the vision of its leaders, contract SCI for the needed strategic planning and management that will drive successful execution.  The SCI’s BizBIRTH is a unique and customized toolkit that takes the new business from concept to start-up in a speedy but highly structured manner.  The SCI’s BizSHINE package grows an emerging business into an established enterprise that represents its best potential.

Established enterprises that are serious about organizational transformation, and not just cosmetic change, engage SCI for strategic corporate interventions that deliver organizational assessment, organizational restructuring, business process re-engineering, IT infrastructure re-design, customer/member relationship management, strategic performance management (using a unique Balanced Scorecard technique), project management, and a positive and long-lasting culture shift. 

The SCI’s BizCURE appointment will conduct the necessary diagnoses for ailing organizations and then prescribe and administer some or all of the above remedies…and more!After a major strategic intervention, organizations and their stakeholders can expect significant financial, functional and psychosocial benefits that flow from new and varied streams of increasing income, harmonized and synergistic systems, and people who exceed their most ambitious aspirations as intrapreneurs.  

SCI’s Vision: Strategic Corporate Interventions (SCI) Limited is a highly successful management consulting firm which is consistently recommended by its local and international clients as their wisest investment; which is recognized by its non-client stakeholders as the best vehicle for successful organizational transformation; and which is celebrated by its team as the greatest source for professional self-actualization. 

SCI’s Mission:Strategic Corporate Interventions (SCI) Limited exists to create, develop and transform new, emerging and established local and international businesses into the best versions of themselves; and to realize its strategic vision. 

SCI’s Values:The SCI takes PRIIDE in providing world-class service to new, emerging and established local and international business at it pursues its vision and mission.  SCI’s core values revolve around:

Prosperity…for all of SCI’s valued clients and other stakeholders

Respect…for the business SCI receives from our clients

Integrity…in all of SCI’s undertakings

Innovation…that ensures SCI and its clients’ sustainable success

Discipline…for delivering unique and superior service to SCI’s clients

Equity…in SCI’s approach to clients’ development

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